Top Design Tips For Sign Design

Everyday you will see a lot of outdoor advertising when you are driving down the street but if you know the truth, you will find that there are lots of mistakes around the advertisements. Though business owners are always trying to draw attention using these advertisements but most of them fail because of lack of concentration on the design they are using.

Here are some key rules for designing sign advertisements that will help you avoid the mistakes.

  1. Potential customers are always looking for your business and they are of different ages and backgrounds. Therefore make sure your advertisements are easy to read and understand. Do not provide all the information in your advertisement and keep them with you until they visit your business.
  2. If you make your design cluttered with lots of texts, it will be very difficult for people to read from a distance or while driving a car. So always try to keep the design simple.
  3. Put a large photo or your company logo that will impact on viewers mind and they will be able to understand the concept at the very first sight.
  4. Customers will always judge your business by looking at the outside so your sign will create the first impression. Make sure you outdoor advertisements create a good positive sign about your business.
  5. Most business owners think that the advertisement is just an identifier for their business but that is not true. People will look at your advertisement and only shop and buy if they finds out what they are looking for.
  6. Create a visual impact with your outdoor advertisement so that it creates a good impact on customers mind and your business or products can be easily remembered by them.
  7. Use contrasting colors and patterns for your advertisements so that its easily readable.
  8. When you are using a multi-color graphic, try to use texts with one color or else they will try to mix up with the graphics and won’t stand out.
  9. The design and colors used in the advertisement should be compatible with the colors and design used in your business location. This is ideal for business identification.
  10. Proper amount of white-space is also very necessary to make your advertisement readable. Around 30%-40% area of the advertisement should be left as white-space to get optimal performance.
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