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Vinyl Banner Design Guideline

Vinyl banners are different than other printed advertising materials. For example, if your image doesn’t look good on the computer screen, it will not probably look good after printing, so you have to be very careful on selecting the design materials used in vinyl banner design. Lets discuss some key points to consider while designing vinyl banner.

Banner Size

While designing the banner, always try to design at the full size you are going to print. When you design in actual size, you will get the best output after printing.


Design the banner at 150 DPI and this will help you to take maximum advantage of a banner printer. But for very large banners drop the resolution to 100 or 75 DPI or else the file size will be huge and slow down your computer.


For low quality images, the grainy areas and rough edges of the image will merge in the human eye and will show more smooth for a good distance. However, from close distance the image may not look that good but 25-30 feet away, they will look just fine.

File Types

Saving your design in high resolution TIFF and PDF is highly recommended. Also bring the original .PSD or .ai file to the printing press to make sure you get the correct output.

Design Area

Do not place too many elements towards the edges of the banner as they may clutter the design and make it look unprofessional. Just leave 1 inch area around the banner edges to make it look better. If you are going to use pole pockets, you must leave at least 2 inch below the top of the pockets so the graphics do not collide with the pocket hemline.

Always try to follow the above guideline and plan properly before starting to design you vinyl banner because without proper planning its quite difficult to come up with what you actually looking for.

Tips On Trade Show Advertising

A good designed graphic advertisements always catch eyes of the audiences even in a large exhibition hall or convention center. An eye-catching, exciting and bold advertisement can create a long lasting impact across the exhibition hall audiences.

An experienced designer must know how to create large format advertisement graphics but its quite a difficult job for many of them. With proper planning and guidance this job can be done very easily.

Consider the following six tips to make sure the trade show advertisement you are going to exhibit will get proper attention from the audiences.

  1. Your company brochure graphics will not work properly on a large advertisement. Make large advertisements with large photos, well written titles and short content so that they are easily readable and eye-catching. Do not put too many messages or fonts that will compete with your graphics, else it will confuse people.
  2. A trade show display advertisement is just like a billboard that will communicate three major points- who you are, what you do and why a customer should choose your product.
  3. Always use a good quality printer used for large scale design printing to get the perfect output. Its always better to go for a specialized printing service to make a high-quality print out.
  4. Proof checking is a must to find out problems and analyze what will be the impact on the audiences.
  5. Try to use stock photos with huge resolution so that they don’t look dull after printing. Many images look great on computer screen but may not show good after printing. So select your graphics very carefully.
  6. Get assistance and advice from an expert whenever possible to make sure you are not going the wrong way.

Finally if the design of your trade show advertisement doesn’t catch eyes of your audiences in the first sight, your trade show display will go in vein. Therefore whether you are going to design the advertisement yourself or through a professional, always follow the above six tips.

Top Design Tips For Sign Design

Everyday you will see a lot of outdoor advertising when you are driving down the street but if you know the truth, you will find that there are lots of mistakes around the advertisements. Though business owners are always trying to draw attention using these advertisements but most of them fail because of lack of concentration on the design they are using.

Here are some key rules for designing sign advertisements that will help you avoid the mistakes.

  1. Potential customers are always looking for your business and they are of different ages and backgrounds. Therefore make sure your advertisements are easy to read and understand. Do not provide all the information in your advertisement and keep them with you until they visit your business.
  2. If you make your design cluttered with lots of texts, it will be very difficult for people to read from a distance or while driving a car. So always try to keep the design simple.
  3. Put a large photo or your company logo that will impact on viewers mind and they will be able to understand the concept at the very first sight.
  4. Customers will always judge your business by looking at the outside so your sign will create the first impression. Make sure you outdoor advertisements create a good positive sign about your business.
  5. Most business owners think that the advertisement is just an identifier for their business but that is not true. People will look at your advertisement and only shop and buy if they finds out what they are looking for.
  6. Create a visual impact with your outdoor advertisement so that it creates a good impact on customers mind and your business or products can be easily remembered by them.
  7. Use contrasting colors and patterns for your advertisements so that its easily readable.
  8. When you are using a multi-color graphic, try to use texts with one color or else they will try to mix up with the graphics and won’t stand out.
  9. The design and colors used in the advertisement should be compatible with the colors and design used in your business location. This is ideal for business identification.
  10. Proper amount of white-space is also very necessary to make your advertisement readable. Around 30%-40% area of the advertisement should be left as white-space to get optimal performance.

Essential Banner Printing Techniques

Banner printing is quite different than traditional postcards and brochures printing. Therefore its always necessary to have a good planning that will help you reflect your banner advertising campaign from computer screen to printer banner. Lets discuss some banner printing techniques that will ensure you will get the best possible results out of your banner advertising campaign

Selecting Your Banner Printing Material and Ink

Your banner should be good looking and durable to attract more customers. A 13-ounce matte white vinyl banners is a good example that will fulfill your needs in a proper way. When you are placing your banner in a windy weather, a 9-ounce mesh vinyl banner is your best choice. In this way, there are several choices depending on where you are going to place your banner. Always try to select banner printing material and ink properly and you can discuss with a professional to get more ideas.

Hanging Your Banner in a Convenient Way

You can hang the banner using a pole pocket or hem and grommets. With hem and grommets you can hang your banner very easily. You can use pole pockets to hang the banner on street-side or indoor overheads and campus applications.

Be Careful On Bleeds and Safety Area

Always be very careful about the bleeds and safety area so that the printed banner looks exactly like the one you designed on your computer. Also while cutting the borders of the printed banner, make sure you keep a white border along the sides of your banner.

Check Proof Carefully

Banners are a bit complex stuffs while you are printing because you are not going to get a hard copy. Therefore make sure you checked it carefully for any mistakes in the content, design or colors.

Bulk Order Will Reduce Your Costing

When you are going to use the same banner on several places, you should go for bulk order which will reduce your costing. Specially when you are having a huge campaign along the city streets or campuses with dozens or hundreds of banners, make sure you calculate the printing costs properly.

Banners are a great way to promote your products and services to grab more customers in a very short time. With a good designed banner you can create the best long lasting impression among the audiences.

Attract More Customers With Outdoor Vinyl Banner

Outdoor gigantic billboard spaces are not longer a crying need for outdoor advertising. You can easily satisfy your advertising needs with an attractvie vinyl banner in exchange of billboards. An attractive and well designed vinyl banner will help you attract more customers to your business and its less expensive than the billboard spaces.

Vinyl banners are made using durable materials and they are also weather resistant. Vinyl banners are less expensive to create and they last logner. Therefor they are the best means of advertising nowadays. Using a vinyl banner will surely help you to advertise your products and services in a very convenient way and will get you more sales.

How you can efficiently use Vinyl Banners to attarct more customers

Use vinyl banners to show your latest products and service which is a cost-effective way of advertising. You clients and customers can learn more about the products and service from the banner advertising.

Announce your promotions using a vinyl banner advertisement. For example, if you are going for an anniversary or holiday sale promotion, try to promote it using a good designed vinyl banner.

You can also use the vinyl banners in trade shows and exhibitions to showcase your products and services.

The more efficiently you can place your vinyl banners, the more attention to your business will be drawn by the customers. So always make sure you place the vinyl banners in a convenient place and dimension. Vinyl banners help you maximize your business potential with less marketing costs. These are only a few ways that how you can use vinyl banners efficiently to promote your business and attract more customers.

Essential Banner Advertising Techniques

One of the best ways to attract huge audiences quickly is banner advertising. Banners can be placed at seminars, conferences, seminars, conferences, trade shows, campuses, sporting events, on busy city streets and lot more other places. Banner advertising works really good when used efficiently. Banners are the ideal promotion vehicle for promoting your products & services. A careful planning before you starting your campaign is the key to effective banner promotion .

Here are some good points that will help you to create a giant impression among the customers:

Select Target Audience and Venue Carefully

Before starting to design your banner, you should carefully find out the target audiences and the correct placement of banner. Audiences will always be diverse in interests and will vary depending on various factors. It is always difficult to find out the best strategies that will make your ad campaign successful. Therefore, try to take advantage of common interests. Once you find out the target audience, try to select the banner’s texts in a targeted manner.

Select Proper Size and Style

While selecting the banner size make sure you know the distance from which it will be viewed. Depending on the placement, select the size of the banner. For example when you are going to use an outdoor banner on a stadium, it must be longer than a banner in an indoor placement.

Vinyl banners are less expensive and they last long. Therefore, vinyl banners are one of the best banner advertising method. When wind is a concern, vinyl banner can be really helpful as the air can pass through them and it won’t tear.

Target Your Audience In  A Positive Way

If you are advertising your products for a giant audience, always remember there going to be a wider variety among the audiences. In this situation try to target properly and positively your audiences. For example, if you are advertising different types of products, try to use separate banners for each products.

Never Forget Include A Call To Action

Make sure your audiences can make a call to action after viewing your banners. For example, they can make a phone call, visit an online store, or attend a trade show or something similar. Its much better if you can add a promotion or offer that will make your customers contact you fast.

Banner promotion is always ideal for getting potential customers. A proper planning before starting banner advertising campaign will always boost your sales and create a good impact on your customers.

Easy Vinyl Banner Design

Vinyl banner is actually very easy to design and its not necessary for you to become a professional. Being a non-professional designer, you can use little creativity and tricks to make your vinyl banner more attractive. With a little graphic design experience, you can easily manage the whole design process if you know the correct way.

Also you can get your vinyl banner designed from a banner design company for very small charge and they will guide you towards the right direction. To make your ad campaign successful, a good designed banner is always necessary.

Here are a few points to keep in mind while designing your vinyl banners.

  1. Use a software that can handle CMYK full color output and there are many available software around to chose from. For example, popular image editors like Adobe Photoshop or PhotoImpact, page layout programs such as Quarkxpress or Pagemaker, graphics illustration programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw can be used to design the banner. You can always ask your banner design company that which software they are going to use to make sure they are using the correct one to get the best results.
    • There will be only two or three major elements in your banner design and these can be a photo, a large headline and your company logo, url, phone number etc.
    • Always use bright colors to create the attraction. A vinyl banner with lots of bright color will strike people’s eye and they will remember it.
    • Use high resolution images in your vinyl banners to make the images look attractive and not broken.
    • Design the banner in a cleaner way so that its readable and your target audience can understand it properly. While placing the banner, make sure visitors can easily read the main message.
    • Size of you vinyl banner is very important and it depends on the place you are going to put it. So make sure you know the correct dimensions.
    • Try to use the most convenient way to mount the vinyl banner such as “pole pockets” which is simple but efficient to use at most places.

    Effective Banner Advertising Tips

    Banner advertising is always effective when you manage the campaign carefully and in a professional way. Here are some quick tips on making your banner advertising more effective.

    1. While placing your banner make sure you place it in the location where more targeted visitor can see it.
    2. Do not use unrealistic words or promises and only provide pure information in your banner text.
    3. Try to design the banner professionally to get a professional look.
    4. Don’t use any silly tricks to misdirect the viewer.
    5. Simple and well designed animated banners attract more people.
    6. Do not use much text on your banner cause this will kill effectiveness.
    7. Try to use a very interesting look for the banner text so people will notice.
    8. Banner ads and print ads are not the same and they do not tend to work same way. So make difference between them.
    9. Branding helps to keep your company in people’s mind so use your company name and log on banners.

    These are some common practices that you should follow while designing your banner and it sure will increase the effectiveness of your ad campaign.

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